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Dear candidate,

SLN was started in the year 1998 at Bangalore.Thank you for the interest shown in the Courses offered by us. As the saying goes "Happy is the man who acquires Education" -Poor indeed is the man who does not read and empty is his life-. The Genesis of Civilization of any country is the class room. India is not only a developing country but also having a less literacy rate amongst its population.

Reading and acquiring qualification not only give the highest kinds of pleasure and prosperity in life but remains as a priceless property throughout. To improve upon such qualifications, the pupil should get needful and timely information from reliable and expert source. How to get the educational opportunities in different fields of education in regular as well as correspondence courses still remained a big question mark. Nowadays the selection, for jobs both in public and private sectors is being done on the basis of merit which is generating competition among the aspirants. That is why we entered into this field to provide awareness of the different courses in different fields pertaining to regular and correspondence courses.

Education is never wasted in a competitive world today. Graduation is minimum qualification, even for a person who wants to enter into business to understand the basic norms of business. What more would a student want if he completes his graduation or Post-graduation or any professional course in shortest period from the Universities recognised by the Government of India and all the State Governments.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous future!

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