ndia, being a developing country has got different standard of living at close fractions. For this very reason, to forge ahead in life, education is the most important tool for everybody.

Distance education plays a very vital role in making education a reality for all, particularly, people of Middle income & lower income strata in the society ,or education discontinued students or students who have no time to take-up full-time University education . Keeping this in view, our sole aim is to see that the education will be made available at the door step of all those interested students.
Correspondence course are the order of the day, becoming very popular in-view of keen interest shown by the various Universities by introducing the degree and post-graduate courses even for those who have no formal education. Person who have the prescribed age can directly appear for the P.G. Examinations in some of the Universities. This shows the development and liberty in Distance /correspondence education.

People desire to gain better qualification to increase their prospects, but are not able to attend regular or part time institutions to achieve their ambition. Most of them are working and cannot spare time to attend regular classes while others are busy with their off-springs, some aspirants live far away from places of study. Some students, though brilliant, may not have secured good marks due to some personal reason, thereby failing to get admission in a college may still attain their ambition through distance education.

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